Reconnective Therapy

Reconnective Therapy is a healing technique based on the concept that the body has a blueprint for optimum health with all the information it needs to correct itself when out of balance. Conditions of poor health are due in part to blockage in communication caused by shock patterns. These patterns are created by physical, emotional, or mental trauma; injuries, and other aggravations and insults to the body such as vaccinations, medications and surgeries. The patterns serve to isolate the trauma and to keep the shock from spreading to the rest of the system. After the danger has passed, unless the body is reminded to release the shock pattern, it will keep that specific part of the system isolated until something occurs to release it.

Through specific frequencies set up by the practitioner (acting much like a tuning fork) the treatment of RCT reminds the body to release shock patterns as well as to reconnect with its blueprint of optimum health. This communication reminds the body of what it needs to do to bring itself back into harmony and good balance. Treatments can occur on many levels in the physical, mental, emotional, or energy bodies of the whole personal system. As the practitioner introduces the communication or frequency, the body itself will decide what is a priority for reconnection. Not all RCT is about healing old wounds. Sometimes a person is simply ready for a higher level of functioning.

Gabrielle Lakatos is a Reconnective Therapy Practitioner with over ten years experience working with this healing paradigm.  Her journey in the healing arts began in 1997 when she received her Certification in Massage Therapy, Breema Shiatsu and Advance Reflexology.  In 2001 she furthered her education at the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy where she studied the science of mind and body medicine as an alternative for healing through Essential Oils.

To set up an appointment for RCT please call 707-338-8033 PST.