October 2019 Monthly Forecast

Posted October 1, 2019 by Lena Stevens

The main theme for October is “REWRITING THE STORY”

Do you love every aspect of your life? Do you love what is happening in the world, on our planet, with your friends and loved ones? Do you wake up every day and feel that everything is perfect and right and you would not have it any other way?
If you answered yes, you are a rarity, as most of us have aspects of our lives that could be much improved and there are parts of our personal story and what we see happening in the world that we would give anything to change.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the world's oldest spiritual path coupled with practical strategies for survival.

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A Ceremony of Song

Power Path Music

A Ceremony of Song is a personal healing experience and shamanic journey with 21 tracks of original icaros and prayers.

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Introducing the e-books on the Personessence™ System based on the Michael Teachings. These manuals include photographs of exemplars, workbooks, specialized communication techniques and much information that has never before been included in any other books on the system. Download the free introduction e-book to help you decide if you want to know more about the Personessence™ System.

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The Power Path provides a wide range of services rooted in shamanic tradition to support individuals, groups, or corporate environments.

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